Your retirement investment


Many people view their retirement as a time to relax and enjoy their lives to the fullest. A self-managed super fund (SMSF) may offer more control and flexibility than a retail or industry super fund. That could potentially make a big difference in how much money you have in your retirement years. And more money means more choices.

At MJS Business & Financial Services we offer accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services for self-managed super funds. We also offer SMSF financial planning services through MJS Financial Services. To find out more click here.


Making SMSF easier

Managing a SMSF can be hard work! But it doesn’t have to be. We use Class Super software which allows us to accurately capture data directly from your bank, investment platforms and other sources. This saves a lot of time and energy at tax time. And additionally leaves you with a lot more time to plan your retirement lifestyle! Our SMSF accounting services make managing your SMSF easy!


SMSF accounting services

Our SMSF accounting packages include:

  • Live access to your fund via Class Super
  • Set up and maintenance of data feeds
  • Monthly processing of financial information
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Preparation and lodgment of the income tax return
  • Preparation and lodgment of business activity statements (if required)
  • Preparation of trustee’s minutes of meetings
  • Storage and maintenance of the secretarial volume
  • Keeping up with secretarial compliance requirements
  • Discussions with you about your financial statements and tax return
  • Email and phone advice and support as needed

In addition to maintaining and processing the tax and accounting side of managing a SMSF we can also help with the process of setting up a SMSF.

And, through MJS Financial Services we also offer financial planning for SMSF. This includes helping you determine if a SMSF is right for you, strategy, insurance advice and helping you invest. For more information on our SMSF financial planning services click here.


For more information

So if you have a self-managed super fund or are thinking about starting one make an appointment with our SMSF specialist, Paul Johnson, today.