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Your retirement investment

Do you have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) or are you thinking about setting one up?

A SMSF is an excellent retirement investment vehicle. It gives you control to make investment decisions about your future.

Are you one of the growing number of people becoming increasingly disillusioned with the management and performance of your superannuation fund? Is it time to take back control of your financial future?

Your SMSF can have up to 4 members. This is normally members of your family. Pooling your money gives you options and investment opportunities that may not have been available to just you. This flexibility has the potential to accelerate your returns over time.

No longer are you bound by the traditional retail or industry super fund approach.

How we help

Guidance and advice from our professional team will give you the confidence and help to confirm the investment decisions being made. Tax planning and asset protection are always a major consideration. It’s important that together we ensure you minimise your tax liabilities while ensuring the protection of your assets.

You’ve worked far too hard to allow poor decisions or dodgy investments to rob you of your retirement lifestyle.

Working together, we can devise smart strategies and plans that generate rewarding returns. Diversification of investment is one key strategy that allows us to take into account the personal circumstances of all fund members.

Is it time to seek out a professional SMSF financial adviser who has the knowledge, skill and experience to assist you to plan and execute your retirement needs and lifestyle.

Easy streamlined activity

Here at MJS Business and Financial Services our accounting, taxation and superannuation advice will make the running of your SMSF an easy streamlined activity.

Our services include:

  • Setting up your SMSF
  • Looking after your SMSF
  • Making Money with SMSF
  • Closing your SMSF account

All your superannuation needs will be meet in-house, there is no need to make appointments with other specialists. Our industry leading practices ensure no hassle, minimum forms and paperwork.

This gives you more time to add to your bucket list of retirement adventures and activities.

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