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Property investment strategy

Property investment has proven a sound strategy for building wealth throughout Australia over the past twenty years.

Playing the property game properly means you know exactly how to invest in a way that suits your lifestyle and budget. It’s important that you seek advice to reduce your tax liabilities and protect your assets.

Balancing these elements is crucial to maximising your profit.

You must always be aware and focused on meeting the ATO guidelines.

Whether you a buying residential or commercial property for rent, developing or flipping for profit, knowing the rules of the game truly matters.

Rely on an experienced Accountant who can explain:

• What income to declare

• How to deduct expenses for borrowing, depreciation or capital works.

• Potential Capital Gains tax implications

The key is being organised at tax time to lower your cost, time and hassle. Here at MJS Business and Financial Services we pride ourselves on providing you with astute tax advice to build wealth.

Future Decisions about Investing and your Wealth

You need a trusted adviser who understands property investment across your portfolio. One who can provide valuable insights to enable you to make better investment decisions.

One question that we are always asked is what is the value of my investment property. Our technology allows you to track the value of any investment property in real time. Now we know that your property is only worth what someone will pay for it, but our data comes from Australia’s leading providers giving you the most accurate information available.

Knowing the value of your investment property allows you to consider this in any future investment or lifestyle decisions.

Building wealth must be based on a long-term strategy using the best information available together with a comprehensive understanding of the tax implications. It’s important you only trust your hard-earned money to financial experts.

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